Birb Friend

Lark • Illustrator • He/Him

I'm an illustrator with an interest in graphic and editorial work. I'm very passionate about story and world-building, something I try to articulate in my work. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Commissions: Ask!
Contact me through email or message me on Twitter.


Please be sure to read the terms of service before ordering!

Complex characters: +25% of the price
Extra characters: +100% of the price







Terms of Service

By purchasing a commission you are automatically agreeing to the following conditions.


  • Please have a clear reference sheet or a good description (with photos if you can) so I know who/what I am drawing.

  • I have the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable or do not want to do it.


  • Payment is upfront, I will not begin work until I have received payment.

  • I can refund, but I will keep some for the amount of work I may have put into your commission.

  • Once a commission is complete, refunds are not available.

Commissioner and Artist:

  • By commissioning me, you’re purchasing my artist labor only. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to distribute, reproduce or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • You may not claim the work as your own, edit the piece, or use it for prints, sales, public projects, or commercial usage unless previously agreed upon.

  • Royalty fees are not added unless you are selling/redistributing the commissioned art. IF that is the case we will discuss it further.

  • Do not color or finish any sketches or line work unless you asked me beforehand.

  • I will respect your request to not publicly post your commission, just ask beforehand.

I will not draw

  • Scat, Beastiality, Incest, Necrophilia, or Pedophilia

  • Robots or heavily mechanical designs

If you are unsure about what I will and will not draw, ask me!